Chemical heater

For semiconductors and liquid crystals

    • Chemical-resistant PTFE film heater was used
      Chemical heater

    • Ultra pure water etc. by changing the packing material
      Usable (packing material FKM / EPDM etc.)

    • In order to heat while flowing over the heater surface,
      Good thermal efficiency and excellent responsiveness

    • In order to adjust the number of stages according to the capacity,
      Space saving possible


Dimensions (for reference)For 1 to 2 L W140 x D 110 x H 135 mm
3 L or more W210 x D 140 x H 135 mm
(Excluding fittings and convex parts. Miniaturization is possible due to flow rate and capacity)
Base materialPTFE, seal material selectable
Power supply usedAC, DC power available
Main application
  • Small flow rate chemical heating
  • Space saving environment

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