Commitment to the Three Manufacturing

  • Achieve high quality of made-to-order products

    Made to Order
    Achieve High Quality

    As the name suggests, made-to-order products are designed and manufactured specifically.
    So what is the temperature? What is the shape? What is the environment? ... It is necessary to determine the specifications in detail according to your request.
    Products created exclusively for our customers are born with quality that makes them happy.

  • In-house complete inspection equipment

    In-house complete inspection equipment

    From large vacuum hot press, laser processing machine, high precision temperature uniformity evaluation system, scanning electron microscope, X-ray imaging system, three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine, to class 100/1000 clean room.
    As we continued to try new things in various ways, our production facilities have been greatly enhanced.
    Please visit our factory once by all means.

  • 経験豊富なスタッフによる提案力

    Suggestion power
    By experienced staff

    Semiconductor, FPD, solar cell, optical communication, fuel cell, analyzer, railway, etc.
    Our products are used in various industries, most of which are proposed products.
    Our experienced staff will work hard to find the best solution for your use environment and conditions.

Thoughts on Three Manufacturing

  • マインド(想い)

    Mind (thought)

    First of all, we show the mind that we want to be a company that can provide "total solutions for heat".

  • 行動指針(方針)

    Action Guidelines (Policy)

    Next, we show that we have an action guideline of "continue to challenge" in order to realize that.

  • ソフト(ヒト)とハード(設備)の融合

    Fusion of soft (human) and hard (equipment)

    Finally, no matter what good mind is, it is the group of people with knowledge and experience = “soft” and “good” equipment = “hard” to put it into concrete Show that they want to meet customers and meet their expectations.

Determination of three things

  • 熱に関するトータルソリューション(を提供したい)

    Total solution for heat
    (I want to provide)

    The basics of a heater are heating (heating), measurement (sensing) and control (control), as the basics of a car are said to run, turn and stop.

    Even if one of them is missing, it is not possible to use a heater well and to make a good heating system.

    We want to be a company (or group) that can provide the best, so-called "total solution for heat" in all three of these.

  • (そのために)挑戦する(し続ける)ヒータメーカ(でありたい)

    Challenge (continue to do)
    Heater maker (want to be)

    (Industrial) What kind of image do you have with hearing a heater?

    It may be considered as a long-lived, already mature technology that has long been used in various industrial and consumer sectors.

    However, as science and technology advances every day, there are still many new challenges for heaters.

    We meet the expectations of our customers In order to be a heater maker that always challenges, with a flexible idea that does not adhere (stick) to existing technologies and products.

  • 確かな製品を世に送り出す(または実現する)ソフトとハードの融合

    Bringing out (or realizing) reliable products to the world

    In order to challenge the various needs of customers and put it out as a product that can satisfy them, we will demonstrate (full use) and propose the equivalent of software, that is, the knowledge, experience and technology we have cultivated so far.In addition, it is essential to combine the hardware of manufacturing facilities and inspection facilities (collectively production facilities) that can meet stringent product specifications.