Heat exchanger (WEX)

Gas heating heater

  • High efficiency heater for gases.

    • High purity gas supply/heating for semiconductor/FPD production

    • Ultra-high purity gas supply/heating for various analysis equipment

    • Suitable for atmospheric gas supply for heat treatment furnaces.

  • Feature

    • Flexible×
    • Surface condition×
    • Vacuum compatible×

    Target for heating

    • Piping, container
    • Metal×
    • Liquid×
    • Gas
Four major features of the heat exchanger/h5>
1、A clean structure using only EP tubes.
・Contact parts such as fittings and piping are all stainless steel (SUS316L).
・Gas is heated without touching the heater surface. During transfer through the clean piping, the gas is heated cleanly.

2、Small size, light weight and high efficiency.
・Small and lightweight, with the smallest size of the main body of □ 80 mm × L 102 mm, and the minimum main body weight of 1.0 kg.
・Making the product into a series, we have a lineup that can be used with a maximum flow rate of 100 L/min. and at up to 300°C.

3、Thermocouple and thermostat are standard inclusions.
・Temperature control and consideration for overheat protection are also standard. Wiring connection is simple.

4、Inlet/outlet fittings can be changed.
・The standard fitting size is UJR 1/4 female.
・Supports inlet/outlet sizes of 1/4 to 1/2.


TypeS typeM typeL type
WEX-S* -2*WEX-S* -3*WEX-M* -2*WEX-M* -3*WEX-L* -3*
Heatable fluidInert gas
Maximum operating temperature200℃300℃200℃300℃300℃
Rated flow〜10L/min〜50L/min〜100L/min
Rated capacity130W190W400W560W1300W
Maximum operating pressure0.5Mpa
Standard fittingUJR "1/4 femaleUJR "3/8 Female
Gas-contacting materialSUS316L (WEP specification)
Leak rate1 × 1010Pa・㎥/sec Less than
Power supplyAC100 or AC200
thermocoupleK type class 2
thermostatDisk typeBlock typeDisk typeBlock typeBlock type
Main body dimensions(H×W×D)75×75×9896×102×128125.5×100×115155.5×130×145178×150×165
Body weightApproximately 1kgApproximately 1.2kgApproximately 2kgApproximately 2.3 kgApproximately 4kg
Connection methodConnector removalLead wire 2 mConnector removalLead wire 2 mConnector removal
Standard accessories※1※4※2※5※3

※1 Thermo / power connector x 1 K thermocouple connector x 1 Mounting bracket x 1
※2 Thermo / power connector x 1 K Thermocouple connector x 1 Mounting bracket x 2
※3 Thermo connector x 1 Power connector × 1 K Thermocouple connector × 1 Mounting bracket × 2
※4 Mounting bracket × 1 Exterior punching metal type
※5 Mounting bracket × 2 Exterior punching metal type
  • Application example

  • S type drawing

Temperature characteristic example

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