HL-MC1 Flood sensor

  • Ideal for flood detection

  • Metal cover protects float from error sliding

  • Covering with metal cover helps reducing damages from the outside environment


MovementLiquid level rise: ON (19±1.5mm)Liquid level fall: ON (22±1.5mm)
Power supply voltage・Switching Current・Switching CapacityMax. AC100V/DC100V・Max. 10VA/10W and Max. 0.5A
Operating Temperature Range-10℃〜+60℃
Material (Stem・Float)SUS304 ・ NBR

It can be used in flooded condition and the metal cover substitutes for the stay, so there is no restriction on the mounting position.

HL-MC3 Capacitive flood sensor

  • Capacitive flood sensor

  • Aluminum housing that won't break when stepped on.

  • Detectable near the bottom (5mm from the mounting surface).

  • Level output is NPN open collector.

  • Built-in pull-up resistor 10kOhm.


Target liquidStandard liquid: water (relative permittivity about 80)
Detection start position5mm±3mm from mounting surface
response speed500msec
Power-supply voltage5~24VDC
Operating temperature limit-20~80℃

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