Environmental Policy

Thermal Systems Division Environmental Policy

Basic principle

The Watty Co., Ltd. Thermal Systems Division Sagamihara Plant recognizes that preservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues common to all humanity, and strives to reduce the environmental burden by listing all organizations.


This office promotes environmental management activities based on the following policies in order to reduce the environmental impact of all activities and products and services related to the design and manufacture of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial heating elements and piping units. Aim to be in harmony with the global environment.

We will constantly recognize the environmental impact of our operations, products and services, promote environmental pollution prevention and environmental protection, and continuously improve our environmental management activities.

We will comply with environment-related legal and other requirements related to our operations, products and services.

Among the environmental impacts related to our activities, products and services, we will address the following items as environmental management priority issues.

  • (1) Power consumption reduction
  • (2) Reduction of waste (amount of generation)
  • (3) Reduction of packing cushioning material
  • (4) Enlightenment activities
  • (5) Product-containing substance management
  • (6) Greening activities based on biodiversity
We will make this environmental declaration known to all employees, make it publicly available, and make it available so that each and every one of us can actively implement environmental impact reduction activities.

In order to achieve the above policy, we will set goals and periodically review and promote the environmental management system.

Sensor Division Environmental Policy

Watty Co., Ltd. Sensor Division Hamamatsu Office strives to design and develop environmentally conscious products and design manufacturing processes in its business activities, and to promote global environmental protection by promoting environmental impact prevention and environmental pollution prevention, environmental management. Declare the system establishment and effective operation.

1.Product offering

We aim to provide environmentally friendly products.

2.Product environment and manufacturing environment

Strive to design and develop environmentally friendly products and design manufacturing processes.

3.Pollution prevention

We will work to prevent pollution of the global environment, taking into consideration the use of harmful chemical substances.

4.Green procurement

We proactively procure materials that do not use environmental impact substances specified by our company.

The procurement of materials gives priority to suppliers established by the environmental management system.

5.Promotion of energy saving

We will actively implement power saving, water saving and paperless operation. To that end, we will pursue business efficiency.

In addition, based on fiscal 2015, we will reduce energy consumption (electricity) by 1% or more by fiscal 2018.

6.Compliance with the law

We comply with the laws and regulations that apply in relation to the environment and individual customer requirements.

7.Common knowledge and information disclosure

We will disseminate the environmental policy to all employees and partner factories, request cooperation, and promote environmental protection activities. It will also be open to the public.

8.Establishment of environmental management system

We will build an environmental management system and carry out continuous and effective activities.