Gas supply unit

  • 〈 Features 〉

    • Streamlined production in a cleanroom (class 100, 1000)

    • Process gas supply line for CVD, etching and ashing equipment, vent line design and manufacturing.

    • Rich back data for welding of various piping materials and parts.

    • We can also manufacture welded pipes and welded pipes for special gases.

    • We also respond to short lead time and small volume production requests.


Manufacturing environment clean room class 100/1000
Corresponding parts maker Fujikin, Swagelok, KITZ SSC, Tabais Tec, CKD and many more
Piping grade used SUS316L BA , EP (WEP)
Corresponding pipe diameter φ1 / 8, φ1 / 4, φ3 / 8, φ1 / 2 inch
Major equipment Automatic welding machine
shield gas unit
Edge processing machine
He leak detector
Particle counter
Mass flow checker
Tube cutter
Fine cutter

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