ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) System

ALD System

  • ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) Equipment

    • Reduced maintenance burden and internal volume made compact by a dual chamber structure (patent pending)

      • The dual chamber structure has an outer hermetic chamber structure made from SUS316 and a process area made from quartz. Since the process gas only comes in contact with the quartz chamber, excess deposits and sediments hardly occur on the SUS chamber side. In addition, since the quartz chamber can be taken out and reinserted very easily, maintenance tasks such as cleaning can be performed easily. This structure reduces the maintenance burden and downtime and contributes to the enhancement of R&D activities. Furthermore, it is possible to significantly reduce the volume inside the effective chamber, which leads to elimination of dead space and shortening of the completion time.

    • Realization of optimal temperature management by integrating our accumulated solutions for heating

      By integrating our heating solutions that have been cultivated over time, we have achieved optimum and safe temperature control ranging from material vaporization to exhaust.
      1) Multi-zone heating of precursor bottles
      We perform heat management by dividing the precursor bottle into multiple zones according to the vaporization characteristics of the precursor inside. This reduces the risk of thermal decomposition of the precursor, achieves particle-free processing without bubbling, and reduces the amount of residual gas.

      • 2) Optimal temperature control of supply and exhaust lines

        The supply and exhaust lines are equipped with our proprietary Easy Trace heaters, which achieve an improved temperature distribution and a compact, space-saving design. In addition, the heating control area is subdivided and optimized to prevent wasteful heating and deposits, and each control area has various monitoring functions that are independent of each other to prevent accidents caused by heaters.

      3) Heat stage using Hi-Watty (AlN heater)
      The heat stage for substrate heating is equipped with our Hi-Watty heaters, and the extremely fast heating performance reduces the preparation time until the process starts.
      • 4) Carrier gas and purge gas temperature control by WEX

        We adopt the WEX (heat exchanger), our popular original product, in the purge and carrier lines, and the supply of heated gas prevents temperature drop and controls the temperature of the mixing gas. Our WEX has high clean performance and does not compromise the purity of the supplied gas or material.

    • Various customization and safety structure

      There are no catalog models with fixed specifications among our deposition equipment. Starting from the base model, we work out the specifications together with the customer each time and offer products that will match the customer needs. Even for the safety specifications, we ensure the safety of our customers and the equipment through monitoring using various hard interlocks and soft interlocks.
      As an example of customization, we will satisfy any kind of request, including cases where:
      ・You want to change the size of the apparatus.
      ・You want to avoid duplication where we already have installed equipment (less option).
      ・You want to strengthen the ancillary equipment (gas detector, ozonizer, N2 purifier, etc.)
      ・You want to exchange signals with other devices and equipment (external interface).
      ・You want to satisfy original safety standards.
      ・You want to increase the number of film deposition species (adding a precursor).
      Besides this, we will meet all your requests.

Equipped with our proprietary dual chamber structure, deflection nozzle, and heat stage mechanism, we realize high-quality film deposition and reduce maintenance burden. Moreover, by having various ancillary equipment that in the past had to be organized by the user as standard inclusions, we minimize the capital investment costs associated with equipment installation. We also have various other features to meet the diverse needs of users.

Various demo machines are in operation!

A demonstration machine is always kept in our Sagamihara Plant. Please contact our sales department for inquiries regarding this demo machine and intent to visit or for consultation on commissioning of deposition tasks.

PEALD system supporting Therma/ALD now on sale!

We are earnestly developing a PEALD deposition system for mass production. The first machine will be installed as a demonstration machine in our Sagamihara Plant. Please contact our sales department for inquiries regarding this equipment, visits and requests for test film deposition.


  • ProcessThermal Atomic Layer Deposition
    Chamber configurationDual structure chamber
    Work sizeMax 2inch
    Deposition temperatureMa 400℃
    Deposition pressure1 Pa or more
    Film formation speciesOxide film or nitride film of organic metal material
    ※Oxide film and nitride film can not be used together in the same device.

Process chamberSU316 original for 8inch (optional 6inch available)
Film formation speciesOxide film (can be used for nitride film by changing the specification)
Substrate temperatureBest 500℃
Deposition pressure1 Pa or more Final pressure 8 × 10 -2 Pa
Plasma outputUp to 1 kW
Plasma gas speciesAr O2 H2
Precursor3 types available
Installed equipmentAPC (independent exhaust of precursor and reducing agent) Ar purifier ALD monitor other
Example of film formation

・Al2O3 ・TiO2 ・HfO2 ・ZrO2 ・TiN ・AlN etc

Deposition sample image

Please inquire for other membrane types.

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