HL-CS Capacitance Type Liquid Level Switch

  • Floatless Capacitance Type Liquid Level Switch

  • Supports detection of low to medium viscosity liquids

  • Level output is NPN open collector


Target liquidStandard liquid: water (dielectric constant about 80)
Range of measurement46 ± 6 mm from the flange
Response speed500msec
Power-supply voltageDC12-DC24V ±10%
Operating temperature limit-20℃~120℃
Mounting shapeM20×1.5

HL-V1 Ultrasonic vibration type liquid level switch

  • Interface detection of foam and liquid and liquid level detection in pressure vessel

  • Transistor output type with built-in drive circuit

  • Material is all stainless steel


MethodUltrasonic vibration method
Power-supply voltageDC24V±10%
OutputNPN open collector
DC30V 100mA
LED displayRed when lit up
Operating position15 mm ± 10 mm 1 point control from the tip
Pressure resistanceMax 0.8MPa
Operating temperature limit-10℃〜+80℃

This product is a type of liquid level sensor that detects the attenuation of ultrasonic vibration applied to the tip of the sensor. The body is all stainless steel (SUS316L) and the movable part and rubber dampers unique to vibration sensors are not used at all, so it can be used inside a pressure vessel. It is possible to detect liquids such as beer and detergent that are prone to bubbles.

HL-MC3 Capacitive flood sensor

  • Capacitive flood sensor

  • Aluminum housing that won't break when stepped on.

  • Detectable near the bottom (5mm from the mounting surface).

  • Level output is NPN open collector.

  • Built-in pull-up resistor 10kOhm.


Target liquidStandard liquid: water (relative permittivity about 80)
Detection start position5mm±3mm from mounting surface
response speed500msec
Power-supply voltage5~24VDC
Operating temperature limit-20~80℃

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