Watty Series

Cartridge Heaters

  • 〈 Features 〉

    • A rich lineup of heaters with a variety of special shapes and capability of dividing the heat generating part.

    • Long life, high efficiency heater.

    • Usable at high temperature (heater surface temperature up to 760°C).

    • Robust structure to withstand mechanical vibrations and shocks.

    • UL/CE compatible

    • Minimum diameter φ3.1 mm can be manufactured

  • 〈 Feature 〉

    Flexible Surface condition Vacuum compatible
    × ×

    〈 Target for heating 〉

    Piping, container Metal Liquid Gas

・Various sizes given in millimeters/inches.
・Various types such as L-shaped type, with added thermocouple, etc.
・Other than the standard type, there is a flange-type (with a plate for screwing in).
※ We can support special shapes, division of the heat generation part, specification of heat generation ratio, etc.
※ We can also produce vacuum-compatible cartridge heaters.


Heater operating temperature Heater surface temperature MAX 760 ° C
Heater diameter tolerance φd + 0, -0.1 Operating
voltage 100V OR 200V
Lead wire length 300mm
Heater shape See the figure below

How to order

Caution on use

1. Make the clearance between the hole for inserting the heater and the diameter of the heater as small as possible.
2. Remove machine oil and grease used when drilling holes.
3. Do not use over the rated voltage. If used, the heater may generate heat abnormally, which may lead to the heater breakage accident, so please do not do this.

Order Form

Product shipments will be 14 days after ordering (or later).
Watty WCH-I Type Quotation Request Form / Order Form is here

Payment method

Payment when goods arrive (cash on delivery), 30,000 yen or less will be charged additional shipping costs.

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